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Embrace Travel’s Next Frontier


Travel is all about exploring new environments, enjoying new experiences, and expanding your horizons. The secluded forests, vast savannahs, and tropical island paradises scattered across the globe provide ample opportunity for adventure…but for some, this isn’t enough.


The next frontier of travel is among the stars, but it will be a while before human travelers without billions of dollars in discretionary income can physically set foot in space for recreational purposes.


With virtual reality, however, the possibility of a luxury vacation in space suddenly gets a lot more real…


At Mars Escape, we’ve literally taken relaxation to new heights

Transport yourself 300 million kilometers away from the nearest chain hotel and touch down on the red planet, where our out-of-this-world virtual reality vacation community boasts adventure, excitement, and a brand-new way to relax.


Mars Escape blends elements of science fiction, modern art, and luxury tourism to create a unique, one-of-a-kind experience for forward-thinking travelers. Enjoy the serene tranquility of outer space relaxation without leaving the earth's gravitational pull.


Please note: This project is currently conceptual – all 3rd-party companies and vendors referenced in the Services section and pictured in the images and fly-throughs are fictional.


Our Mission

The Mars Escape mission is to help humanity reimagine the concept of luxury travel by exploring amazing new environments via virtual reality.


Our Vision

We envision a world where luxury travel is not limited by geography, and people can access once-in-a-lifetime experiences from the comfort of home.


Our Team

Mars Escape was founded by a team of tech entrepreneurs with a passion for travel, science fiction, and impactful art.


Ready to reimagine what’s possible?

Mars Escape is just the beginning. Give us your ideas for future vacation experiences you’d like to see us create!

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