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What We Offer


Welcome to Mars! 

Your personal slice of red desert paradise awaits…

Enjoy the finest earthly luxuries, 300 million kilometers away from everything you've ever known, with Agusto AO97 – Mars’ premier vacation resort and spa. Travel beyond the earth’s gravitational pull to a world of unprecedented luxury, immersive technology, and, on a clear day, unbeatable views of the solar system.


Ready for your adventure?

Forget ‘outside the box’ – it’s time to travel outside the stratosphere.

You’ve never experienced luxury like this. Our spacious properties use NASA’s state-of-the-art oxygen machines to convert CO2 into breathable, earth-like air removing the need for oxygen tanks and helmets when lounging inside our interior facilities.



5 Star Facilities

Speaking of facilities, you’ll be staying in a pristine solar-powered bungalow with an amazing list of convenient features:

  • Microsoft’s Next-Gen Holographic Butlers

  • Robotic Michelin Star Chefs with Over 1 Million Recipes 

  • Wall-to-Wall Samsung Screens with Netflix Next-Gen Mars

  • Peloton Planet Ride, for Immersive Outer Space Workouts

  • Fully Integrated with All Major Charge Outlets


Purified Water

For water, we use Brita for Mars converters which safely extract moisture from Mars’ soil to create a glacier-fresh taste 300 million kilometers away from the nearest glacier.


Spa Facilities

The unit’s state-of-the-art bathrooms include smart mirrors and toilets that provide you with instant biostatistics on demand, and can even provide automated health advice. The massage grade spa facilities are equipped with 12-piece, 3740-Nozzle Keppling faucet showers that are automatically situated to hit every angle of your body.


Luxurious Layout

Your bungalow features a unique open concept design with transformable walls and doors that can easily collapse into divisions you wish to create, giving you more control over your comfort.


Treat Yourself, Mars Style

With a spectacular welcome package that includes a Mineral drip complete with electrolytes, glacier water, your choice of a Nature or Naughty snack pack, cappuccino machine, and Rare China teas, you can optimize your outer space trek with the finest earthly comforts. We also provide Terri cloth robes to all guests.


Unbeatable Experiences, Right at Your Fingertips

With easy access to domed swimming pools, botanical gardens, parks, cineplexes, and food courts just outside the complex, you don’t have to travel far to have a great time. There is also the Marspa, a spa with over 300 services ranging from Icelandic treatments to Balinese experiences.


Venturing Out

If you do want to venture out into the broader community and do some Mars exploration, we’ve got complimentary Mars terrain spacesuits and helmets, as well as a fleet of specialized rover vehicles.


Renewable Energy

Worried about dust? Each unit contains Dyson dust transporters that convert any toxic Mars dirt that enters your space into renewable energy which, combined with a series of solar panels outside the perimeter, provides energy-efficient power to all your tech. 


Gourmet Cuisine

When you don’t feel like using the Robot Chef, you can simply turn to your unit's fully programmable open-plan chef’s kitchen and take advantage of our instant grocery on-demand service. Bon Appetit!


Royal Treatment

All rooms are temperature controlled based on your body’s internal temperature and are automatically adjusted throughout the night based on your body’s sweat moisture. To help ensure an unbeatable night of sleep, the Royal Pedic beds come pre-loaded with your choice of heavenly soft Egyptian cotton or Bamboo 1 million thread count sheets, as well as the highest quality Wenersi white goose feather pillows. 


Spectacular Views

The best part about this once-in-a-lifetime stay amidst the stars? On a clear day, your room boasts unbeatable views of Saturn, Jupiter, and other outer space marvels.


Oxygen Levels

To ensure optimal oxygen and provide a soothing, relaxing environment, the bridges between all facility buildings contain a robust selection of earth plants handpicked for aesthetic and practical appeal. 


Optimized for Healthy Human Habitation

With NASA-designed oxygen machines, filtered, potable water, and plentiful trees, our facility has been designed to support healthy (and helmetless) human living. In addition to this, all rooms include workout equipment and state-of-the-art biometric smart devices – if you notice something is amiss just stop by the compound’s medical clinic.


Money in Marscoins

Upon your arrival, you will receive Mars cards that come pre-loaded with Marscoins and can be used to purchase all goods and services sold within the city of Agusto.

Stay tuned for new services...

Ready to enjoy the red desert in style? Agusto awaits!


Pre-book your bungalow and start preparing for your life-changing Mars vacation today.

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